As a number one agent with one of the world's largest insurance companies, I can honestly say I have never seen a more dynamic platform to building immediate relationships and getting qualities referrals! This is...

Mark Miletello

National Multi-line Insurance Agency

Thank you My Agent Connector!  In roads are being made because of you and your product that could never have happened without you. I really appreciate your willingness to get it done!...

Larry Pratt

National Multi-line Insurance Agency


Last year I averaged 11 P&C units per month 1 Life App per month. My last two months I have averaged 48 P&C units per month 1 Life App per week!...

Spencer Pardon

Insurance Agent


Over the last year averaged 18 P&C units per month and the first month on the program wrote 50 P&C units....

Kiyoma Yoshizumi

Insurance Agent


I waited to sign up for this program until I could see how these 2 people would react. They both told me they feel like this would be a great help to them! They were even...

Jonathan Melton

National Multi-line Insurance Agency


I am a newer agent at the Haugen Agency in Minnesota and wanted to let you know that I had a GREAT meeting with a loan officer yesterday. He is so excited about this program; I...

Ashle Kozulla

Haugen Agency


The program is going gang-busters here so far, everyone I show it to is overwhelmed with all that's offered. I should be getting past some corporate compliance obstacles with many of them very soon, and...

Colin E. Caldwell

Caldwell Agency, LLC