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If I offered you a choice between 500 leads (with name, address, and phone number) or 1 referral, which would you choose?

What if you could generate 1-10 referred leads per week outside of any referrals you’re currently receiving? What impact would that have on your agency’s finances? Would that not also greatly increase your opportunity to write more life insurance?

O.k. let’s back up second. I know you’re already skeptical. Over the past 20 years, anyone that has ever promised me leads, caused me to raise an eyebrow. In my (almost) three decades of production, I have knocked doors, made telemarketing calls, performed expensive mail outs, fought with shifty internet leads, and have seen and done it all.

For at least twenty years, I have received phone calls from solicitors “promising” me wonderful leads; Potential customers that are wanting and waiting for me to call them. YEAH RIGHT!

No one has cracked the code of high-quality leads until now. Follow me on this!

“You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Zig Ziglar said.

Turn on your television tonight. How many advertisements are about calling for an auto insurance quote? TOO MANY, RIGHT? How many are asking for home insurance? Almost none. As a multiple line producer, a home lead is much better to me. Homeowners have cars. Homeowners have greater life insurance needs. And not necessarily the other way around.

O.k. I am getting off track here. Let me ask you a few questions:

1. When a consumer wants to buy a home what happens?

They go shopping and enlist the help of a realtor.

2. How does a realtor assist their clients in marketing homes?

Realtors place the home on the local multiple listing service (MLS). Realtors perform open houses. Realtors place signs and flyers in the yard. Realtors do social media campaigns. Realtors place homes on their agency’s website. Realtors do everything they know how to do to win the listing and then sell the listing, right?

3. Who then benefits from this food chain of events from the sale of a home?

Realtor or course. Then the loan officer, inspection service, title, escrow, moving companies, and anyone else that is related to this food chain. Oh yes! The insurance agent benefits as well. Sometimes, however, insurance agents are at the bottom of this chain of events and are lucky if they receive the referral at all. If the home buyer is not already a client of the insurance agent, then most of the homes selling and loans closing in our town, happen without us knowing at all.

4. What if you could be moved to the top of this chain of events?

Remember what Mr. Ziglar said. If we focus on all the things a realtor need and help them acquire these things, then we become a valuable resource to everyone involved. And especially the two “big time” centers of influence, the realtor and loan officer.

5. Have I got your attention yet?

At, we’ve developed a platform that connects agents like never done before. I show you and teach you how to bring number 2 to the realtor. If you bring a full marketing platform to the realtor that will significantly enhance their marketing abilities and strategies, you become tremendously referable. In fact, you can now hold them accountable for their referrals.

See you at the top of the charts!