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Hug Your Computer

It is safe to say we spend more time with our phones, tablets and computers than with our closest loved ones.

Stop and think about all the ways we use technology today. Our devices that connect us to the internet are here to stay. Through social and work applications it is integrated in everything we do. The questions are; do you use this platform to segregate yourself from society, do you blame this age of technology for keeping you from building personal relationships, or have you embraced this medium as a new way to grow, connect and enhance meeting others?

There was a time myself that I held out. I was late getting a cell phone. I was behind the curve with even owning my first computer. I recently embraced social media.

So how does a person like me go from being behind on everything technical, to building the most innovative marketing platform the insurance industry has ever seen?

There is no lack of intellect. These apps, devices and programs are so user friendly children under the age of 5 can figure them out. So, when I asked myself for the real answer, here is what I believe it was…

I am in the relationship business. I am in sales and service. It was not because of intellect, as I previously mentioned, that I did not embrace technology. I did not embrace technology because I had failed to recognize that technology could actually build relationships. I felt that relationships were either in person or at arm’s length online. If you stop and realize that technology is integrated in everything we do and how very powerful it can be to build and strengthen relationships, then you can use it to your advantage. What I struggled with all along was… How can I use it to help?

Let’s look at all the ways we use our devices to connect. Well the obvious is how many times a day do you call someone from your cell phone. In fact, we have mini panic attacks when we leave our cell phone somewhere, right? I was married last week to an unbelievable woman I met online. I communicate with all my clients via email. I write all their policies using software and have them sign forms electronically. I pay most of my bills online and do my banking online. I could go on and on.

The question is how do we use technology in our favor to grow our business and to build relationships?

Well here is a conversation I had yesterday with a complete total stranger. It was a true cold call. “Hello Mr. Realtor, my name is Mark Miletello, how are you? Great, look I won’t take much of your valuable time, but please give me a quick minute to introduce myself. I saw you just listed a home, in fact a high value home, and you have 5 or 6 other listings. Based on my research you are “on it” when it comes to realty and I feel I am “on it” when it comes to home insurance. I really think we should meet and get to know one another. In fact, if you would agree to meeting me in person, I would love to share with you the technology I GIVE my referral partners. This is the most innovative platform on the market that gives you a tremendous digital footprint in helping you market and sell homes. If you’re open to lunch, or me just stopping by your office, I will show you how we can help each other grow.” At the end of this conversation he said, “When can we meet?” – It’s possible I still could have got the meeting without offering Agent Marketing from, but I have yet to have ANYONE say NO!

If you’re a last hold-out like me, it’s time to stop holding on to the past and realize how to embrace the future. The future of marketing, the future of connecting, and the future of building relationships is here. And it’s not too late. You can go from behind, like me, to way out front in no time at all. The time is now to use social media to build your brand. To use technology to enhance client relationships. And the platform is here to build and grow business relationships that can drive customers to you.

This marketing platform has tripled my business in two short months of launching it.

I had an agent say, “Mark, I have had several meetings and I am not having the success you are.” My reply was, “Did you forget to sell yourself?” What I meant by this is software, social media, and all our devices are not responsible to do the work for us. You still must be likable, you still must put effort in the relationships, and you still should follow up and provide the service you promised. All these mediums including the dynamic Agent Marketing platform, open the door for you to connect, build and grow relationships. I believe that the relationships I am forging will be there long after any social media or software platforms are gone.

Embrace technology and use it to YOUR advantage. Harness this powerful platform to enhance your great relationship skills. Together it is a powerful combination that will launch your agency into the future.

It’s o.k., you can go ahead and hug your computer.


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